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Journey to Higher Vibrations: Exploring the Power Within



Saturday 9th November

4 Church Street, Alexandria

G83 0NP






Journey to Higher Vibrations: Exploring the Power Within Workshop


In this workshop, we will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Through a series of enlightening topics and practical exercises, we will explore various aspects of personal development, including raising your frequency, connecting with your guides, and understanding the power of forgiveness, self-love, and detachment.


Workshop Outline:


Understanding Human Programming and the Egoic Body: - Explore the concept of human programming and its impact on our lives. - Discuss the role of the egoic body and how it influences our thoughts and behaviors. - Provide insights and techniques to transcend limiting beliefs and patterns.


Raising Your Frequency: - Discuss the significance of vibrational frequency and its effect on our well-being. - Introduce practical methods to raise personal vibration, such as meditation, gratitude, and positive affirmations.


Connecting to Your Guides: - Explain the concept of spirit guides and their role in our spiritual journey. - Share techniques to connect with and communicate with guides, such as meditation, journaling, and automatic writing.


How to See Light Beings: - Explore the possibility of perceiving and interacting with light beings. - Discuss techniques for developing clairvoyance and expanding one's awareness to perceive subtle energies. - Share personal experiences or stories that inspire participants to explore their own abilities to see light beings.


The Power of Forgiveness: - Examine the transformative power of forgiveness in healing past wounds and releasing emotional baggage. including techniques to let go of resentment and embrace inner peace.


Tools for Self-Love and Positive Self-Talk: - Discuss the importance of cultivating self-love and practicing positive self-talk. - Introduce practical tools, such as affirmations, mirror work, and gratitude journaling, to enhance self-love.


The Power of Detachment: - Explore the concept of detachment and its role in finding inner peace and freedom. - Discuss techniques for practicing detachment, such as mindfulness, letting go, and surrendering to the present moment.


✨ A Brick on a Never Ending Road.

✨ Call Back of Energy and Walk Back.


Please remember to bring water or your preferred non-alcoholic beverage, a notebook and pen to jot down the information you receive. Yoga mat, cushion and blanket. Seats will be provided.


Any questions, please contact


Doors open at 11:45 Tickets £45pp


Workshop 12:00 - 17:00 - please bring lunch and snacks.

Please click below to reserve your space,


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