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Video Testimonials

Amazing feedback from my wonderful QHHT Clients

Blue Skies

Inverness, Scotland

Session Notes

Tammy is fascinated with QHHT.

She is aware of other dimensions and has started to see energy as light.

She is interested in preparing for New Earth and 5D, also wanting to understand more about the Universe. Tammy has stomach problems and wants to look into why this is causing so much discomfort.

Blue Skies
laura anne_edited.jpg

Stafford, England

Session Notes

Laura was her own knight in shining armour and worked with dragons. She found clarity through her QHHT session that helped her to understand more about her life today. A lot of it was past life trauma that she was able to heal and move forward from.

Thank you for trusting me

Blue Skies
danny pic.jpg

Essex, England

Session Notes

I sat down with Danny before we began. He was so interested and so eager. I could see he was out of balance between his masculine and feminine. So I took a little time to explain about bringing creativity into his life. He is a newbie to spirituality, but he feels the magic within.  From the second of landing down from the cloud he was in his past life. It has opened whole new doors for him. I'm so grateful to work with such a beautiful soul. He's taking time to learn about himself and when he's ready, we'll delve deeper into his higher self to activate his inner wisdom.

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