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QHHT Sessions

The Symbols of Egypt

Back in April, Sarah Barbour and I had an absolutely fascinating QHHT session exploring the Symbols of Egypt and delving into the post-Atlantis era of humanity. It's worth mentioning that Sarah, who is on the verge of receiving her Level One QHHT Certificate, reached out to me for assistance with her sessions.


I vividly recall her expressing uncertainty about a potential "alien" session, as it was an experience beyond past lives. Sarah hadn't extensively researched different dimensions or beings at that point. However, it was precisely this sense of wonder and openness that made her session truly extraordinary.


During the session, she connected with herself as a being who remained deeply connected to the source. The surprise in her voice was evident, and it's safe to say that she has now become a firm believer in the power of these experiences.


This particular session stands as a remarkable example of engaging in a conversation with a being from another world, who was present to aid humanity in its journey of rebuilding after a great downfall.

Portals of Egypt &
Connecting with our Spirit Guides

The Portals of Egypt & Connecting with our Spirit Guides. This is a brilliant example of a higher conciousness. Someone who is completely aware in a session and can access information from their higher self.

My wonderful client was shouting at her spirit guides, frustrated that she could not hear them. Her higher self told her exactly why.

The session started off in black, with only a few colours coming through. We went further to find out that she was energy, part of a sun in another Galaxy and told us all about the "Gods" of Egypt and why they came to Earth.

The Queen of Egypt and the Portal of the Gods

A woman of great importance gave birth to a son who would change the world for the better. After her husband’s death, she was able to communicate with the “Gods” of Egypt.


We find out that she was originally from a water planet. Every time she returned home, she would download information to the water or the “highest being”.


Pyramid Technology and the Arcturian Council of Light

Beautiful explanation of how The Council of Light are helping to raise our vibration to help humanity evolve. Also wonderful information about the technology inside the pyramid.

The Guardian of Atlantis

Many people fell in Atlantis. It is highly likely that you did too. Everyone has their life story to tell and this man did all that he could to protect the healing technology. It enabled his people to completely heal and live for a thousand years. You can tell how emotional it was for my client to remember this life. That is the true power of QHHT. He must have carried that guilt for many lifetimes. But now that guilt has been released and he can see now that he did all that he could. It was a honour for him to guard the crystals. Now he can step into his true power and heal so many people in this current lifetime.

The Georgian Musician

The Georgian Musician masked his true identity to be successful in society.

He even shook hands with King George.

This is a real person, a real life that actually happened. How lucky are we to live in a time where we understand past life regression.

Through QHHT my client relived her/his life. It was so colourful, that I felt like I was a part of it too. I was by his side as he moved between death and the afterlife.

There are some powerful messages in this video. By sharing it, I hope that it brings people comfort. This is not the end. The end of one life brings the beginning of the next.

Moving towards a New Earth

I had the incredible opportunity to connect with a remarkable individual who played a crucial role as a mediator during past resets. This extraordinary being is currently devoted to uplifting Earth's vibrations by transmitting positive thoughts to humanity. During our conversation, this being enlightened me on recognizing the presence of energies in a room and delved into the fascinating topic of how our bodies undergo transformations due to energetic shifts.


Furthermore, they shared valuable insights on deciphering messages sent by our spiritual guides. Curiosity compelled me to inquire about the previous resets, particularly in relation to humanity's pursuit of technological advancement.


Additionally, I eagerly sought guidance on how we, as a united collective, can contribute to shifting the Earth, ultimately paving the way for a profound transformation.

Women of the Moon Goddess


For what felt like centuries, countless women diligently observed the phases of the moon, synchronising their own cycles with its celestial patterns. Their commitment to this practice was unwavering, as they wholeheartedly embraced the power of feminine energy. However, one may wonder, amidst this devotion, where did the masculine energy find its place?

The Aztec Healer and the Stories of the Pleiadians



What an incredible QHHT session it was! In just two hours, we delved into various lives, experiencing them as different elements. We had the opportunity to meet an Aztec Healer and then discovered fascinating stories about the women of the moon goddess.

It's truly remarkable how all these lives intertwine with her current purpose. All the connections and synchronicities.

Their willingness to share not only enriches our understanding of the human experience but also inspires others to explore the depths of their own past lives. Thank you to each and every individual who has contributed to this remarkable journey of discovery.

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