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The QHHT Session


We will talk through everything you would like to share in your life right now, whether it be physical, emotional or your relationship with others.

This is an important part of your healing, as you might not understand where these emotions are coming from, or why it is affecting you so strongly.

You will feel safe and supported, as nothing you will say will be repeated to others. This is why you must attend the interview on your own, so you can be your true self.

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The QHHT Session

You will receive a private hypnosis session, where we will be able to access information in different forms of perception. The most common way of receiving this is through visualisation, sensing your surroundings or inner knowing. Information from these different times/places can be very helpful in giving insight to your life situations now.


The SC will only show you what you can handle based on your belief system. If you are open minded and willing to explore, the SC will take you on a journey through an important lifetime that will lead to healing your mind, body or soul.

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After the Session

We talk through what you remember from your session. It might feel like waking up from a dream, you might only remember snippets, but don’t worry, as I will have recorded everything that was said.

Some people will not remember anything,

but this is ok as perhaps strands of your

DNA is still being activated.


Some will feel like they were present for the whole session, or as if they were sitting on the chair next to me, listening to everything that was said. All of these are completely normal, everyone remembers differently.

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Recording of your Session

You will receive the recording in the evening of your session. Allowing you time to get home and become aware of your surroundings once more.

Please do not listen to the recording while you are driving, as this has the tendency to put you back into trance again.


It is very important to listen to the recording multiple times, as every time you hear it, you will receive more information. Also you may receive more healing.

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