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Wonderful feedback from my QHHT clients

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I recently had the absolute honour of having a QHHT session with the gorgeous Katherine and WOW WOW WOW what a truly amazing, profound and life-changing experience. I have been on the spiritual path for a good few years now and I am very connected to my higher self, I channel and do spiritual work and have done a lot of soul work on myself up to this point. I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom already on this path and that I know myself and my shadow aspects pretty well. I know my purpose and mission on this earth and have already stepped into that role. I was super excited to see what would come up in the session and even before starting I could feel it was going to be a pivotal part of my healing and spiritual ascension journey.


Katherine herself is nothing short of mesmerising, she is such a beautiful multidimensional being of light who is so passionate about QHHT and it’s benefits and she is totally committed to unearthing deep truths and esoteric knowledge and wisdom that will help positively shift humanity and aid in the ascension of our beautiful Mother Earth. Aside from that she is also deeply engaging and empathetic and puts her heart and soul into making the QHHT session and the entire experience the most sacred journey of releasing, self-discovery, disclosure and healing. Her energy and approach is just magical and her sacred knowledge and wisdom is second to none. I felt completely safe, held, protected and understood throughout the whole experience. I felt safe to open up and share my most difficult and traumatic life experiences freely and authentically with another and feel completely understood- something that has been a challenge for me my whole life. This experience was completely liberating, emotional but beautiful and I can’t thank Katherine enough for creating and holding this space for me to be me and to heal on a much deeper level.


The QHHT session that followed was out of this world! The hypnosis experience was so comfortable to me I didn’t want it to end! With Katherine’s ethereal voice soothing you through the experience and her loving knowledge and guidance we explored so many things including my life experiences and trauma, past lifetimes and past life trauma and persecution, emotional blockages and physical health, galactic lifetimes, origins and connections and galactic beings. We connected to my multidimensional higher self and received clarity on my twin flame dynamic and mission and more amazing information about my soul purpose and soul mission on earth and so much more. We connected to a group of beings, my cosmic family who spoke of ET disclosure and the New Earth. I received galactic healing and channeled light language healing for myself during the session too. I have gained so much from this experience it’s actually difficult to express in words, I received a lot of confirmation and guidance for my own healing and ascension journey but also new information that is the beginning of me connecting further into my galactic heritage and soul mission to assist humanity at this time.


The session itself lasted all day but the downloads, activations and healing have been flowing ever since. The QHHT session is an amazing multidimensional portal that enables you to not only heal on a deep soul level but also activate and connect into your divine blueprint and bring sacred and important knowledge and wisdom to light. I have been on a deep healing journey ever since and have released so many trapped experiences and emotions and collapsed timelines with the knowledge and guidance I gained to assist me to step further into my power and soul mission. It has been pivotal in my souls journey of growth and evolution and I am so grateful for the experience it is very, very special and something that will stay with me forever.


I am so grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with Katherine, nothing happens by chance and I know we were destined to connect and for her to facilitate this otherworldly experience for me. I have received so much from this session on every levelmind, body and soul and I can’t wait to have more sessions- this is just the beginning. More than anything I received the love and confirmation about my soul origin and from my cosmic family that I have been craving my whole life and it has given me such peace and release from feeling like I don’t belong on earth. Out of this world and I can’t wait to do it again.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Katherine you are such a divine and magical queen and are making such a huge difference in the world - keep shining.

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I had the pleasure of a Qhht session with Katherine a few weeks ago now. All I can say is wow. Katherine is extremely professional and driven to get answers that will show humanity the truth of where we originated from and what our roles are here on this planet earth.


With a beautiful persona and calming voice. Katherine makes you feel so comfortable at all times during the session. I’ve been listening to my session over and over these past weeks and every time I listen I get more information time and again. I’ve also been releasing a lot of past life stuff that I thought I had dealt with on an emotional level. The information that I received was fascinating to say the least. I loved how it all ties in with my own personal journey at this time. I have also been tapping into this information with my higher self and guides since. It’s still ongoing daily and some of the information is being drip fed to me still.


The whole session seems to go faster than I thought it would but the Information and the releasing keeps going for many weeks. It’s all done at a beautiful pace for our highest and greatest good.


Katherine is definitely a powerful connection between the higher realms and this earth. Her mission on this planet is huge. The love and passion she puts into her mission is second to none.


The Qhht session combined with the work Katherine does during it is completely life changing. Absolutely recommend Katherine 100%. If your thinking about getting a session I would say go for it. You certainly won’t be disappointed with this beautifully gifted soul.


I’m still processing things from the session. When I’m ready I will definitely be looking for a follow up session to go further into my past and present mission on this planet.


Thank you for taking the time and energy for my session.


Lots of love to you Katherine.

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Sending Katherine a big thank you for carrying out my QHHT session last Wednesday. I was made comfortable in a beautiful little treatment room. Katherine was professional through out the session from start to finish and made me feel comfortable and prepared for the session. During my regression I recalled several past scenarios. One where I was in a battlefield with my trusted horse over seeing a battle and proclaiming I was the manager in charge to over see the battles were carried out and to manage the knights. I also announced that my pass time was “drinking beer”


We also had would you believe two bright blue dragons that we’d appeared to have tamed and knew instantly they were on our side during battles, one flew over head breathing fire. The last and final recollection of this lifetime was being caught off guard and stabbed in the chest by a trusted person. Though I was unable to recall who the person was just that I didn’t feel pain and simply floated away from my psychical body.


The other life to share was that of being in a village community. At first I was standing at an alter where I had the feeling I’d been married previously though I couldn’t understand why my husband had left me there and I felt a sudden loss. I was sent back in time to see how this life had played out before I was stood alone in the empty alter. I could feel and see myself mending clothes, cooking, sitting and dancing around a campfire, chatting and working together with my female friends in the community waiting for our husbands to come home from hunting trips. It felt like peaceful happy life with a loving happy and content marriage. I was then taken back to the alter where I'd been previously married and realised my husband had left me there because it was also my resting place, he’d left me to rest there after I'd suddenly fell sick and passed on.


I was then taken through the steps to link with my subconscious where I described what the new earth in 50 yrs would be like and the process of getting there. I was given a 15 yr time frame for earth moving forward into 5D and was told I needed to learn about transactional healing (I'd never heard of it tbh and had to look up the meaning of this after the session) I was told about having claire audience which made a lot of sense to me from my previous experiences in this life time.


I came away from the session feeling I’d gained answers and really enjoyed the experience after wanting to try regression for over 10 years I’m so glad that Katherine was able to carry this out for me. I recommend anyone to book a session in with Katherine and I send her the very best of wishes in her further career that will help so many people.


Love and blessings Laura Anne

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I recommend Katherine to everyone. Do not hesitate to book an appointment.

It was my first QHHT session and Katherine made me so comfortable and safe. My main reason for the session was " I want to trust myself, I want to finally trust my voice, my intuition and never get the answers from outside anymore".


I was programmed in my childhood ( I believe a lot of people were ) that somebody else is always smarter and better than me. I lost trust and connection with my own soul and guidance.


I have done Akasha Reading to receive some life answers but again it was somebody else delivering the message, not me trusting my own universal guidance.


Eventually the QHHT session with Katherine has changed my life. I discovered two past lives in depth, Katherine knew how to guide me with questions. I have managed to receive an experience of Oneness that We are all One..


I am speechless and still processing the information received during the session. The most important thing is that I fully trust myself and  I am not scared anymore to express my authentic self. 

Katherine is definitely in service to humanity.

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I got a QHHT done from Katherine a couple of weeks ago and it was such an amazing experience I was blown away!


I am also pregnant just now and the baby even came through to tell me a couple of things this was truly heart warming.


Katherine made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed felt a deep healing in her presence also. After the session I felt like a lot had been lifted that was weighing me down and now I understand a lot more about my life and purpose!


Thank you so much Katherine such a pleasure very grateful to have had this session with you beautiful soul.  Wishing you many blessings


Siobhan x

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I would like to start by thanking Katherine for helping me move on from my past and listening to me. And also for opening my mind up and encouraging me so much, to listen to my intuition.


Katherine helped me gain so much confidence in what I do and say. I no longer think I am going crazy. I learned to trust myself and love myself, and I feel now that I can finally move on as I fully accept who I am.


As soon as I walked into Katherine’s flat for my first QHHT session, I felt very safe and welcome. The energy there is just amazing. I did not feel judged and was finally able to speak freely about everything.


I have found out about QHHT and all things to do with it, less than two months before the session. When I found out about it, my life finally made sense, and I had to see for myself. I looked for someone who was close by. There were other people I could have gone to, but I felt that Katherine was the person I could trust the most. I was right.


I wanted to do the session before I knew too much to see if it really works. I believed that it would. I was amazed at what I saw. At first, it did not make sense as to where I was getting these images from. In the beginning, I was with the source. It was beautiful, and I felt safe and free. Then later, I was a blue male swimming in the depths of the sea/ocean. I looked almost human like. There were other features that were not human. I lived in water, but also on land.


A few days after my session, I started to look up starseeds, and I was amazed at what I found out. In my session, I saw that I was a Sirian.


There is so much more that happened since the session. I felt a huge weight lifting off my heart. I started to write a journal to keep track and see how much I have grown.


Katherine is such an amazing and beautiful soul. If anyone wants to try QHHT for the first time, I really recommend that you go see her with hands on my heart.

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I have just had the most amazing QHHT session with Katherine. It is hard to put it all into words as I am still processing it all. I have always been interested in past lives and I wanted to experience this for myself, partly out of curiosity and partly to confirm that I am on the right path.


Firstly, Katherine has a lovely, calming manner and put me immediately at ease. I felt like I had met her before! Maybe I have  


The session itself was off the scale. I saw a few past lives but I as well as this, I was also jumping in and out of different dimensions. I would be walking along a beautiful forest path and a tunnel of bright green light would appear. I would enter this tunnel/portal, everything would speed up and I would then arrive in a new dimension. There were some similarities with our current reality, but I could speed up time. I saw plants and trees grow and glow in luminous green. There were dimensions which had no beings or landscape, but were just coloured mist which morphed into different shapes. Then the bright portal would appear again, I would be sucked back in and would then jump down into a clearing in the forest again. I could fly, I was invisible at times. Skies looked like aurora borealis except dusky purple. 


I have always loved forests and find them so healing and I have always been a bit obsessed with the Northern Lights.


No words can really do justice to this experience. It has been mind-blowing and life-changing. I had suspected that other dimensions existed, and now I have seen them for myself. We are not even scratching the surface of the universe in what we experience in our everyday reality.


Thank you, thank you for this amazing experience.

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After listening to my session with Katherine back I understood on a deeper level more of myself that I am here learning growing exploring as one with all.


It unlocked some of my abilities, and I am gaining more insight and it’s getting stronger to possibly work with in the future.


It’s brought me closer to my blue light and therefore I visualise without closing my eyes through my eyes vale layers opening and shutting bringing in the blue light in and forming a holographic picture.


The session has grounded me an allowed me to come back to one’s self taking me within and taking me up to higher frequencies.


My senses have heightened and my healing journey has begun once more.


I highly recommend a session with Katherine if you’re lost you’ll find your way back home that’s for sure.


I’m enjoying every moment of my self love journey and couldn’t have come this far so quickly without the session.


Thank you so much Katherine for bringing blessings back intlo my world.


All the love and best Amie x

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I had my second session with Katherine and wow what a session. I now call Katherine ‘the holder of keys’. She has this amazing ability with her QHHT to unlock you to such healing which comes from within you. I had pain in my knee and belly which is now completely gone. I also had pressure in my ears that is now all but gone. The little I have left, I believe it has to do with me opening up to my multidimensional self. Its not like a pressure its more of a feeling its hard to put into words.

If you allow Katherine will also help you unlock your own unique abilities/gifts which I highly recommend. It has helped me so much in my day to day life to the point I can now help others. I really am so very thankful for Katherine and her doing QHHT and the extra in the sessions I can't quite put my finger on.

I believe Katherine is being divinely guided to be the amazing ‘holder of the keys’ that she is. I’m so grateful for you Katherine.

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I had my session with Katherine in October and it blew my mind! I have had a few traumatic experiences in life. My friend committed suicide in August, which led me to find Dolores' work, which led me to Katherine. There is a genuine, calming presence around Katherine and she has a beautiful home, where I felt at ease, making it easier to open up.

Katherine prepares you for the session and I was taken to a past life and other lives which were non-human! I almost felt as if I was making it up - but I could see through my minds eye. In one "alien form" I could communicate telepathically. The next form I took was pure energy! "In the ether" is how I described where I was. Absolutely beautiful and where I was most comfortable!

During my session, Katherine was able to bring me back to the past life we were exploring, as my consciousness had jumped too far when I was asked to go forward to a significant event in my life. She realised it would have been a completely different time period.


Having a session has helped me realise my

soul needed to experience such negative things and is helping me integrate those experiences. I could say so much more.

Thank you so much Katherine!


I hope to have another session is the future to find out more xxx

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Looking at the View


I had the most Amazing QHHT Experience with the Wonderful Katherine last weekend. She made me feel so relaxed and safe. I wasn’t sure she’d be able to get anything from me but Wow…


Another planet and form, Egypt and the days of woman wearing ‘Bustles’! Who knew.


Katherine also managed to get some healing on me, which will help me heal and managed to have contact with my husband. An experience I will never forget.


I’ll definitely be back for another session with Katherine in the future. I feel very privileged to have met such a wonderful lady who can help me on my journey.

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I had my QHHT session with the lovely Katherine last week and I can honestly say it was fantastic I felt completely at ease and safe from the moment we started talking.


I had a huge confirmation moment when I picked up on a past life that I always knew I was which was Florence the 2nd wife of Thomas Hardy of which I recall the wedding in the early 1900s and my lace but quite plain wedding dress and him being older than me however dissapointed when I heard the recording back that I didn’t have any of my wedding cake 🤣.


I learnt I was also a blacksmith and I died on the cold floor and was quite a lonely man. The whole experience had me feeling like when we remember our dreams but only snipetts and as the day goes on you forget a little but I do remember feeling quite tired the next day after the session.


The whole experience was amazing and Katherine was a true professional from beginning to end.


Thank you Katherine xx

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Met up with the lovely Katherine and had a QHHT healing Session which was amazing.

Katherine explained everything and put me at ease.

Went to a past life which was wonderful and got so many questions answered.

It was all so peaceful. I would highly recommend you try this if you can.

I was quite tired the next day therefore I would suggest you make sure your day is free as I was working all day and overtime at night

Thanks again Katherine.

Marie xxx

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My qhht session with Katherine was just amazing the way she works is truly universal


I was took back to past lives that certain things that happened to me then have happened in this life also the way Katherine works is very calming and loving and makes you feel so at ease


I also found myself on a different planet which was very beautiful I cannot give thanks enough for this beautiful soul Katherine she takes you places you never would have thought existed and how it changes your life and you acknowledge where you are now and what karma you have brought with you into this now lifetime.

I am very grateful to you Katherine I was very poorly when I had my qhht session and since then I have totally healed many blessings sent your way.


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Want to thank Katherine so much for my QQHT session.


What can I say Oh My God….out of this world…..literally…


Katherine went deep into subconscious and it was absolutely amazing and I feel totally different now….words can not describe it but to actually book a session up and see for yourself.


I had so much come though to me….my past lives….what I need to do and and what is going to happen.


Katherine made me so relaxed and comfortable that when I woke out of the session it felt that I had slept for 2 days and I feel so different.


Even after the sessions she still giving me advice and guidance….

she’s so fantastic and warm and calming thank you Katherine.

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 I recently had my first qhht session with Katherine. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Katherine is so kind, empathetic and perceptive, that I immediately felt comfortable sharing personal stories of my life with her. Her presence is warm and reassuring; she couldn’t have made me feel more at ease.

She is clearly gifted in her ability to connect with others and make them feel relaxed. As a result, the session was enlightening and helped me get a lot of answers I was looking for.

Katherine has continued to be supportive to my many questions post-session, which I am equally grateful for. Honestly, I couldn’t have found a kinder or more welcoming person to do this work with. Thank you Katherine! I am super grateful for meeting you.

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I had a QHHT session at my home which provided a relaxing environment for me. When Katherine was describing the importance of visualization and that she will guide me to a beautiful place to imagine, either a beach, a forest or any other environment I find beautiful, peaceful and comfortable, immediately an image of several oddly shaped crucifixes, lit by fire at night popped into my head. How strange, I thought, this is not an image, I imagined a beautiful scenery. Later in the session it was revealed I was burnt centuries ago, accused of witchcraft, when in fact I was just trying to help people. I felt betrayed and cast out. This is where some of my symptoms arise; social anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis and eye problems.


During an induction, I saw a beautiful orange light and at some point a totally black eye appeared in this light. I felt this eye was aware of me right then during the session but it wasn't negative. Later I relived one of my lifetimes where I encountered tall black metallic bird-like beings with black eyes. They were not harmful.


The session was very inspirational to me and healing, the mental and physical symptoms are already easing as the SC said they would. I am very grateful to Katherine for this incredible experience.



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I had my QHHT session with Katherine and it was amazing!

She explained everything what to expect and answered all my questions.

She made me comfortable and at ease.


I am very impressed with Katherine’s gentle, thorough, informative & caring approach to the whole process. During our initial conversation (interview), I could tell how great and compassionate listener Katherine is.


The session was very reassuring and everything that came through aligns with thoughts/feelings I had but Katherine helped to put them together.


Katherine in a environment that is loving and peaceful, offers you the incredible opportunity to connect with your higher self.


Thank you Katherine for your caring and light.

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I had my first QHHT session with Katherine last month.

What a blessing that experience was!!!

Katherine has such an angelic energy!

Her empathic listening skills put me at ease straight away.

She was very interested in hearing my story,

in order to understand where healing was required.

During the hypnosis, I kept doubting myself and what

was coming out of my mouth but Katherine kept reassuring me

and kept me going. And what a session this was!!


Looking back, I cannot believe the things that came through.

My friends are already lining up for their sessions!

Thank you Katherine,

you are an angel!

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Outdoor Meditation


I was lucky enough to have a session with Katherine when our stars aligned one day.

As soon as I met her I felt at ease and able to talk to her about anything that came up. She was very approachable warm and friendly.


I am completely new to QHHT and so I had no idea what to expect. She put me at ease whilst also making me quite excited about the whole experience. I am not a visual person so it wasn’t easy for me to see anything. However, Katherine’s gentle and non-judgemental approach enabled me to get snippets of what could have been a past life. Even my life as a boulder had some relevance!


Katherine gave me so much food for thought and has somehow shifted my perspective and the way I think about things. I am very excited to start this journey.

Thank you, Katherine - I feel privileged to have had a session with you!

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Woman Facing Away


I highly recommend a QHHT session with Katherine. I was not sure what to expect but she immediately put me at ease in her beautiful home and I ended up sharing all sorts of things I had not felt able to speak to anyone else about before.


I have had a lot of strange things happen to me, which led to me finding out about Dolores Cannon and QHHT and it was an absolute delight to be in Katherine’s company, she is a beautiful soul.


I was looking for some answers and reassurance from the QHHT session and I was happy to get that. I could not believe how long the actual session lasted once it was over as it went by so quickly.


If you are thinking about doing a session and live close enough, book her now!


I did not want to do a remote session so I was full of gratitude to be able to visit Katherine in person.


Following the session, especially the next day I felt so much lighter, it had such a positive effect on me.

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I had a wonderful experience at my first QHHT session. From the calm cosy environment, the talking stage where she provided a safe and loving space for me to open up and feel validated in, to the hypnosis where she helped me connect to answers I've needed for a long time.


Even before we met I'd told her I was nervous and she took the time to make me feel more at ease which I really appreciate. I wasn't sure if I'd find it tricky to go under, but with Katherine's guidance I was able to. I received the nudge I needed to point me in the right direction in this life.


It was almost surreal when we finished and it felt as though 20 minutes had passed but it was over 2 hours! I left feeling light, refreshed and with a new sense of determination that I very much needed. I would highly recommend Katherine, not only is the service she provides excellent, but she is a warm, caring person that will gently help you along your journey.


Thank you, Katherine, for my session and for everything that you do for us and for humanity as a whole.

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Image by Jay


I have just finished listening to my session.


I would like to thank you for your loving energy that helped me go into my session. I felt comfort and love and trust during this which to be honest I don't normally feel.


I am starting to understand where my lack of trust has come from and I now know how to move on and become me. I would highly recommend this therapy to everyone it was enlightening and I felt really good when it finished.

I will continue on my journey of self discovery and will book another session when ready.


Love and blessings

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Copy of Copy of Pink Square Client Testi


Thank you for sharing it with me and giving me a glimpse of something far greater and special and even divine or what we may term as Source.


Your mannerisms throughout were professional and eased me into a relaxed state. The hypnosis session helped bridge and connect my current experiences to previous lifetimes and offer an explanation for a no. of choices made and the fears influencing many of my decisions.


Thanks to your QHHT session, I was able to have access to SC and found great value. Its an ongoing journey and I look forward to living a life of authenticity and great potential.


Thank you, Katherine

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I had the most amazing and mind blowing QHHT session from the amazing Katherine!


I was in Rome,  stood outside a really important building where discussions are held along with loads of other bits of information.


Prior to our session the only thing I knew about Rome was that you can get amazing pizza spaghetti and coffee However, Katherine sent me the recording of our session later that night which led me to do my own research on Rome and find information on the things that I had seen during my session.


How it was built? What were the materials used? What did they import?


I also got the name Pompey but I knew I wasn’t in Pompeii so didn’t mention this to Katherine. However during my extensive research I found out that during Ancient Rome there was a very important building called the Theatre of Pompey which contained the Curia of Pompey, which was used for a number of religious and political meetings.


Consider myself MIND BLOWN


All of the information I had seen during my session was TRUE the evidence was staring me in the face! I couldn’t believe it and truth be told I’m still in shock now!


Katherine is not only amazing with a beautiful heart and soul but she helped me find answers to questions that I didn’t even know I was looking for!

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I recently had the privilege of meeting Katherine and undergoing a QHHT session, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

From the moment I entered the serene space, I felt a palpable energy of healing and exploration, Katherine guided me through the process with a gentle and reassuring presence, creating a safe environment for my subconscious to unfold .


Unravelling layers of blockages and allowing the healing energy to flow freely .

The sense of lightness and clarity that followed was truly transformative. This would not have been possible without Katherine ! She is divine !


And I wholeheartedly share my gratitude ❤️❤️❤️❤️ sending so much love and light ✨✨

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I had my first ever QHHT session with Katherine this week and oh my goodness me!!

I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get anything from this type of session, mainly doubting myself more than anything or anyone else.


Katherine, however, made me feel so comfortable and safe and I am still, as I write this, processing the information received through the session and the whole experience. I have always had a fear of not belonging in this life and being disconnected to the bigger picture.


Katherine managed to connect me to my original creation and into a past life where I was a young boy living in the desert thousands of years ago. I now have a knowing that I am part of such a vast journey of connected souls evolving through love. It’s awesome to experience the feeling of oneness.


Katherine was so wonderful in guiding me through the process, gently encouraging me to safely keep going so that I could reach the places I needed to get to in order to heal myself of fear in this life. Totally amazing and life changing.


Katherine explained that you can continually seek learning and healing through listening to your recording. I didn’t think that this was possible but I understand now that it is all part of the processing.

Doing my session with Katherine has opened up trust in myself to believe and access my intuition and my higher self.

I would recommend to everyone to take the plunge and find out about your life with Katherine.

Much love

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I had a QHHT session with the lovely Katherine 5 days ago and what an amazing experience it was! 

From the moment I met Katherine I felt at ease, she is such a beautiful soul.

The session was amazing and gave me great insight into the issues I was experiencing in life and the reasons behind them.

My questions were answered which has lifted a weight of my shoulders emotionally and physically. The session gave me the push and confidence to speak to a family member who has been causing me anxiety.  The conversation went very well and I feel so much better .

I would highly recommend having a session with Katherine, it will be life changing!! 

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