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Between Lives Regression


What is Between Lives

The focus is to explore the spiritual aspects of our lives to reflect on and anticipate our numerous past, present, and future existences. We also delve into the 'life between lives', particularly the phase between a previous life's end and our current life's beginning.

During the session, we guide you to uncover the root causes of your challenges and resolve them by revisiting events in our physical world.

BLR goes beyond the limitations of space and time, allowing us to venture into the spiritual realm.

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What is involved?

Experience profound spiritual insight and growth with a Between Lives Regression session.


The session provides a unique opportunity to connect with your

Spirit Guide

Soul Group

Soul Council

For an in-depth exploration of your spiritual journey, Gain insight into your


Past Lives

Karmic Interactions

Life Purpose


Preview Future Lives

and bring back a resolution for personal growth in your present life.


This is a safe and supportive space for you to explore your spiritual selves.


Spirit Guides

Spirit guides serve as companions on our spiritual journey, aiding in our growth by assisting us in resolving karma, learning spiritual lessons, and moving towards transcending the cycle of reincarnation.


Throughout our time on Earth, spirit guides are constantly attuned to our thoughts, emotions, and actions. They offer support by providing a calming presence during moments of emotional turmoil and offering insights when we find ourselves confused or unsure.


During the periods between our lifetimes, spirit guides play a vital role in guiding us through various stages. This includes helping us transition from our past life to the astral plane, providing orientation in the realm between lives, and facilitating life reviews and previews.


They remain by our side as we depart the between lives realm and embark on a new incarnation on Earth.


Soul Groups

Souls go through a cycle of reincarnation with us, taking on different roles in each lifetime. They have their own Spirit Guide and review their lives with the Soul Council, including their karma with us.


During life reviews, the connections between souls are highlighted. They meet their Inner Soul Group to determine how many souls are present.


The Inner Soul Group is often visualised as a close-knit circle of souls, represented as colored energy in a space-like setting or a meeting room. The souls may resemble their recent life appearance or have robes and indistinct faces that reveal their shared past lives.


Members of our soul group accompany us through many, but not all, incarnations. About fifteen out of twenty souls have played roles in the last three past lives, and around ten have been involved in the current life at some point.


Each soul has an important role in balancing the universe. The goal is to help individuals understand the significance of their souls and the impact they have on others.


Soul Council

The Soul Council is a group of experienced souls who guide us on our spiritual journey.


They help us understand concepts like karma, soul groups, and spiritual lessons.


During our meetings with the Council, they remind us of our intentions before this life and how they relate to the choices we've made.


They also teach us about karma and the spiritual impact of our actions.


Our Spirit Guide may join us in these meetings to learn and grow. The Council can appear as wise figures in robes or as radiant light forms.


Client Testimonials


Solstice Special £111 online session

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